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Quick and Easy! – Try the New Graphical Modeling Window

Creating and estimating a PLS path model have never been easier. The intuitive graphical user interface allows you to create a model from scratch in minutes. Working with the SmartPLS model editor is really fun!

Manage Your Projects Like a Pro

The new SmartPLS Explorer allows you to professionally manage your projects. One click allows you to create new projects, import your data sets, as well as export and import SmartPLS projects. Handling your projects has never been easier.

Be successful! - Access the Latest Algorithms and PLS Methods for Analyses

SmartPLS 3 includes state-of-the-art options for analyses such as importance-performance matrix analysis (IPMA), multi-group analysis (MGA), hierarchical component models second-order models), nonlinear relationships (e.g., quadratic effect), confirmatory tetrad analysis (CTA), finite mixture (FIMIX) segmentation, and prediction-oriented segmentation (POS). SmartPLS has never been as powerful and useful!

Directly Browse Your Results in the New SmartPLS Modeling Window

You don’t like reading non-intuitive table representations of results? Then check out the new SmartPLS Modeling Window. It offers many features to directly display results in the graphics of your PLS path model. You can also view group-specific PLS path modeling results directly and highlight particularly strong path relationships.

New Reports and Direct Export of Results to Excel

The new SmartPLS Reports provides easy access to results. Hyperlinks take you directly to specific results. The built-in graphics of your results allow you to quickly assess the outcomes of your analysis. SmartPLS offers an additional hot feature: You can directly save all results reports in an Excel file. Try this!

Get All the Info You Need! – Check-Out the New Built-in Documentation.

You probably want to know how difficult it is to use the rich portfolio of analyses and reports that SmartPLS offers. Do not worry! The new SmartPLS software has easy to use dialogs when you start an algorithm and built-in documentation that explains all the methods, as well as all the settings from which you can select.

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